Where does Geoffrey from The Kitchen live?


Geoffrey Zakarian is a renowned chef, restaurateur, and television personality who has been in the culinary industry for over three decades. He is best known for his appearances on Food Network shows, including "The Kitchen," "Chopped," and "Iron Chef America." One of the questions that fans of the show often ask is where Geoffrey from The Kitchen lives.

Who is Geoffrey from The Kitchen?

Geoffrey Zakarian was born on July 25, 1959, in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. He grew up in a family that valued cooking and food, and he started cooking at a young age. After graduating from Worcester State University, he moved to New York City to pursue a culinary career. Geoffrey has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, including Le Cirque, 21 Club, and The Water Club.

Where did Geoffrey grow up?

Geoffrey grew up in a family that loved cooking and food. His father was a businessman who traveled extensively, and he would often bring back exotic ingredients and spices for the family to try. Geoffrey’s interest in cooking was sparked at a young age, and he started experimenting in the kitchen when he was just a teenager. He credits his mother and grandmother for teaching him the basics of cooking and inspiring him to pursue a career in the culinary industry.

Geoffrey’s career in the culinary industry

After moving to New York City, Geoffrey worked in some of the top restaurants in the city, including Le Cirque, The Water Club, and 21 Club. In 1987, he opened his first restaurant, "Geoffrey’s," which was a huge success. He went on to open several more restaurants, including "Town," "The National," and "The Lambs Club." In addition to his work as a chef and restaurateur, Geoffrey has also appeared on several Food Network shows, including "The Kitchen," "Chopped," and "Iron Chef America."

Does Geoffrey have a family?

Yes, Geoffrey is married to Margaret Anne Williams, and they have three children together. They live in New York City, where Geoffrey operates several restaurants and appears on television shows.

Where is Geoffrey currently living?

As mentioned earlier, Geoffrey and his family live in New York City. He operates several restaurants in the city, including "The Lambs Club," "The National," and "The Palm Court."

Geoffrey’s favorite dishes to prepare

Geoffrey is known for his classic French cooking style, but he also enjoys experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. Some of his favorite dishes to prepare include roasted chicken with herbs and garlic, sautéed shrimp with garlic and lemon, and seared scallops with brown butter and capers.

What are Geoffrey’s future plans?

Geoffrey has no plans to slow down anytime soon. He continues to operate his restaurants and appears on Food Network shows. He is also involved in several charitable organizations, including City Harvest and The Food Bank for New York City.

How to contact Geoffrey from The Kitchen

If you want to contact Geoffrey Zakarian, you can visit his website, geoffreyzakarian.com, or follow him on social media. He is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Geoffrey Zakarian is a culinary icon who has made a name for himself in the restaurant industry and on television. He continues to inspire and educate people about food and cooking, and his passion for the culinary arts is evident in everything he does. Fans of "The Kitchen" and other Food Network shows can rest assured that Geoffrey is still at the top of his game and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

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