How to clean a burnt pan with coke?

Introduction: How to clean a burnt pan with coke?

Burnt pans are a common kitchen problem that can be quite frustrating to deal with. However, there is a simple solution to this problem that you might not be aware of – using coke to clean burnt pans! Coca-Cola, or any other cola drink, contains phosphoric acid, which can help break down the burnt food particles and make them easier to clean. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of using coke to clean a burnt pan.

Step 1: Fill the pan with coke

The first step in cleaning a burnt pan with coke is to fill the pan with enough coke to cover the burnt area. Make sure the coke is at room temperature, as adding cold coke to a hot pan can cause it to warp or crack. You can use any type of cola drink for this method – it doesn’t have to be Coca-Cola specifically.

Step 2: Let the coke soak in

Once you have filled the pan with coke, let it sit for a few hours or overnight. This will allow the phosphoric acid in the coke to work its magic and break down the burnt food particles. Make sure to cover the pan with a lid or some cling film to prevent any bugs or dust from getting in.

Step 3: Heat the pan gently

After the coke has soaked in, pour it out and gently heat the pan on the stove for a few minutes. This will help loosen any remaining stuck-on food particles. Be careful not to overheat the pan, as this can cause damage to the non-stick coating or warp the pan.

Step 4: Scrub the pan with a non-abrasive scrubber

Using a non-abrasive scrubber, such as a soft sponge or a nylon scrubber, gently scrub the pan to remove the burnt food particles. Make sure to use a gentle circular motion and avoid using steel wool or any other harsh scrubbers that can scratch the surface of the pan.

Step 5: Rinse the pan with water

Once you have scrubbed the pan, rinse it thoroughly with water to remove any remaining coke and food particles. You can also use a mild dish soap if needed. Make sure to rinse the pan well to avoid any residual coke or soap residue.

Step 6: Dry the pan thoroughly

Finally, dry the pan thoroughly with a clean towel or let it air dry. Make sure to dry both the inside and outside of the pan to prevent any rust or water spots from forming.

Other methods to clean burnt pans

If you don’t have coke on hand, there are other methods you can try to clean burnt pans. One popular method is to sprinkle baking soda on the burnt area and add a small amount of water to make a paste. Let it sit for a few hours and then scrub with a non-abrasive scrubber.

Precautions to take when cleaning with coke

While coke is generally safe to use for cleaning burnt pans, it is important to take some precautions. Make sure to use a non-abrasive scrubber to avoid damaging the pan’s surface. Also, avoid using coke on pans with non-stick coatings, as this can damage the coating. Lastly, be careful when heating the pan to avoid warping or cracking.

Conclusion: Enjoy your clean, shiny pan!

Cleaning burnt pans can be a tedious and frustrating task, but with the help of coke, it can be a breeze! By following these simple steps, you can easily clean your burnt pan and restore it to its former shiny glory. Just remember to take some precautions and use a gentle touch to avoid damaging the pan. Happy cleaning!

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